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Finally, an event streaming platform that works for you

Features & Benefits


Simple to use, you can set-up your own event or our team can set it up for you. Unlike other platforms, if you are running a little late, it won't cut off your stream to your audience and will automatically adjust the schedule for you.

Available in Conference Option

Speaker page

All of your speakers can be set-up with headshots, bios and shared links to their websites and social pages. These are all linked to the segments they are presenting in, to provide a great user experience for attendees.

Available in Conference Option


Your sponsors and partners can have an interactive space with links and even their own microsite in the BetterCast platform to engage with your audience.

Available in Conference option

Video on Demand

Your sessions are automatically uplaoded into a Video on Demand (VOD) section of Bettercast. You can allow your attendees to view these videos after your event with your subscription/streaming tokens OR you can sell tickets to your VOD page as an additional revenue stream after your event.


Both during and post-event, BetterCast gives you all the insights you need. With visibility on where your attendees are viewing from geographically, time spent watching, and a breakdown of segments they are watching, you're able to pull detailed reports for yourself, your speakers and your sponsors!

Visually pleasing

Easy for you to use and easy for your attendees to navigate. After all, this was designed by tech and event gurus, for tech and event gurus, with the attendee experience as a priority.

There Is Something for Everyone

Bettercast is 100% Australian Owned and built for you - it's time to get started!

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