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Don't need all the features of the conference package but still want to set up a robust and thorough event? 

Use the OnePage event template when you need to add a schedule, polling, breakout rooms, media hub and more to your event, but don't want to go the whole way.

Customisable Landing and Registration Page

Stream up to 4K HD for 12 unbroken hours

One set of keys for the entire event, regardless of the number of sessions

Use a primary and secondary channel for back up

Clip each session into a dedicated VOD recording viewable in minutes

Average 25 seconds latency with near 0s buffering across 3 CDN's

All sessions are auto captioned with leading AI and a custom dictionary

We transcribe and create a brief summary of sessions for viewers

Upload local edits of sessions into the sessions for on-demand

Customisable domain name

Featured speakers with collapsable list

Event descriptions and information

Custom social sharing metadata

Real time, updatable schedule

Add to calendar buttons for most services

Hero image or full page image with form

Full registration and ticketing options

Video networking rooms for breakouts

Detailed attendee analytics for client reporting

Cloud recording for near instant VOD

Attendee chat or widgets that can update during the event

Upload pre-recorded content to view On-Demand

Make chances to the schedule or content while live

What is the OnePage Template?

When you need more than just a live streaming player on a page 

What About Video Management?

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