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The Conference Experience

When you need to replicate the total in-person event online, start with the Conference template and customise the platform to your needs.

A Lobby to Welcome Attendees

Content On-Demand

Show your entire event VOD in an editable media hub

Upload video from previous events with ease

Deliver 4K video to unlimited viewers

Customise content thumbnails, title and more

Download and share VOC content on socials to drive interest

All sessions are auto captioned with leading AI & a custom dictionary

We transcribe and create a brief summary of session for viewers

Upload local edits of sessions into the sessions for on-demand for viewers

Fully responsive mobile experience for attendees in person

Unlimited concurrent livestreams

Concierge onboarding and support from event plan to post-event marketing

Real-time editing for all content on the page

No limits on anything, and we mean anything

No hidden costs, sneaky upgrades or low-quality support

What is the Conference Template?

When you need a platform with all the bells and whistles of a full, multi-stage conference and exhibition, all delivered online.

Keep attendees informed with the schedule on a fully mobile-optimised lobby page.

We record everything at the highest quality so you can have HD on-demand playback live in less than 10 minutes

Break-out and Networking

Attendees can network online with a single click using the networking area

Guests can create their own rooms, invite other attendees or just have a hangout chatting with sponsors, speakers or themselves

No download needed

Zoom, Teams and Meet rooms are all supported, or us the Bettercast default service with no installs required


20 presenters and up to 200 attendees supoorted in any room

Exhibitor hall and virtual booths

Give attendees access to unlimited exhibitors in the hall and virtual booths

Exhibitors have a full website within your event, to engage with attendees

Video calling and on-page chat managed by the exhibitor

Embed videos, downloads, virtual business cards and more

Collect leads with forms and visitor reporting you can send to the stakeholders

Speaker Profiles

Detailed and custom speaker profiles shown in a dedicated and searchable page, as well as on the presentation.

Short, long, or custom-formatted biography and details supported

Links to the speakers' social accounts and websites

Links to the presentation they are featured in 

Edit a speaker profile once and it updates across the entire site

Sponsor Pages

Sponsors can be promoted on their own page that is fully customisable to fit any sponsor requirement

Custom categorisation and formatting

Link to the sponsor's websites and track links and attendee engagement

Choose from different sized sponsor cards

Short, long or custom-formatted information and details supported

Schedule shows in a viewer's timezone

Insert breaks and change session length on the fly

Add downloads and documents to the event

Add and remove features in real-time with ease

Easy navigation for all levels of user

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